The best experience I’ve had with any artist in a while! Sarah was very accommodating and wonderful overall. She talked me through the process, step-by-step, and took her time with me. You can really tell that she loves her profession, and it shows. 🙂 her work came out really well, too! I’ll be back in the future.

~August 2017 via Facebook

Anna Prozorov

So so happy with this whole experience! Sarah is amazing at what she does, listened to what I wanted and also gives her professional expertise as well. She makes you feel at ease.

While I have no shortage of brow, my hair is strawberry blonde so super fair, and I would spend 10-15 mins of my morning routine colouring in my brows each day which is a pain when you want to just run out and start your day. Now, my brows have such a great shape and colour to them its effortless to get up and out the door and for that I am SO THANKFUL! They healed easily as well.

I work with aestheticians and makeup artists and everyone was so shocked at how great they turned out. Highly recommend Sarah! 

~ January 2017 via Facebook

Britt Tozer

Sarah gave me eyebrows again! I’m so pleased with her work and spending that couple hours with her was a pleasure. She is professional and takes tattooing your face seriously. She made sure the procedure was as painless as possible, which I wasn’t expecting getting tattooed, it was a welcome surprise. I would recommend her to anyone looking for cosmetic tattoos.

~August 2017 via Facebook

Jenny Lee

I’ve recently been lucky enough to have my eyebrows tattooed by Sarah and I couldn’t be happier! As a cancer patient that has undergone chemo on two different occasions in the past, this was both exciting and yet to be honest a bit scary as well. I lost my eye brows both times and they never fully grew back. If you’re questioning whether you should do it??? YOU SHOULD! This gave me my expression back lol. Sarah made me feel so comfortable, answered all my questions professionally and the time flew by. There was very minimal feeling and she is very particular with her equipment. Coalition, the business she works out of, has a very healthy atmosphere and I enjoyed spending time there as well! Thanks again Sarah…thanks for giving me a part of ‘me’ back!
Sincerest hugs, Susan

~November 2016 via Facebook

Susan Somers

I have had such a positive experience with Sarah. I get excited when I look at my eyebrows now, rather than how I’ve felt for years which is frustrated. I had very little hair left after overplucking for years, and now my brows look full, natural, and don’t need any makeup. I had no idea this was possible. Yay!

~November 2016 via Facebook

Anna Lee

Changed my life and I’m not exaggerating. Sarah is a perfectionist, so she will thrive in this profession. She takes the time and care to make sure you are 100% happy with the shape. She also gave me the specific texture I was looking for. I would sit with anyone for hours to get the outcome I received but I also had the added pleasure of being with a sweet, sensitive person so it made the time fly. Lovely experience all around.

~November 2016 via Facebook

Lisa Bill

Sarah does great work and is friendly, considerate, and really listened to what I wanted while also contributing aesthetic advice that really made for the best experience and outcome in having my eyebrows microbladed. I would highly recommend her.

~November 2016 via Facebook

Adina Edwards

I had eyebrows microbladed by Sarah. Having next to no eyebrow hair, I can’t believe how realistic they now look. Sarah is super knowledgeable, precise, patient and meticulous. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. THANKS!!!

~December 2016 via Facebook

Steph Bowen Lecomte

Sarah has an uncommon aesthetic eye and outstanding artistic skill. Plus she’s a super sweetie…a great choice for you and your brows.

~November 2016 via Facebook

Rebecca MacLeod

So happy with my brows! Sarah was excellent at listening and taking the time to determine what I wanted. She was thorough and thoughtful during both of my appointments (initial + follow-up). Her workplace was very clean and well-organized, and she explained each step in the process clearly.
~August 2017 via Google

Stevie Wilson