Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

Ouch? Read below about the various elements that may cause sensitivity during your cosmetic tattooing procedure…

A topical aesthetic cream of 5% and  Lidocain is used before, and a gel is used during your procedure to help relieve pain.

Pain sensitivity is different for every person, but for most people it is minimal pain.

Lips and Eyes are usually much more sensitive than eyebrows. Getting a tattoo during your menstrual cycle may increase your pain sensitivity during your procedure. Having a hangover or too much caffeine can also increase pain sensitivity. If you are smoker, the topical aesthetic used may not last as long. Also having Fibromyalgia may affect your sensitivity.pexels-photo-89643

If you require something stronger, you may ask your doctor for a prescription of 10% Lidocain numbing cream (must NOT be oil based).

Extra strength Tylenol before the procedure may help if you have a low pain tolerance.

Make sure you read How to Prepare for your Procedure so you have followed all the correct advice.

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I think you are going to do great! You are strong!

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