What to Expect During Healing…

You just had your cosmetic tattoo done! Read the following information below to learn the steps of the healing process and what to expect…


★ Immediately following your procedure, the tattooed area will be darker and bolder in colour than after the healing is done. The tattoo can feel like a sunburn afterwards but there should be very little discomfort. Taking a Tylenol or Advil right after the procedure helps.

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★ The tattoo will be very dark up to day 5 and then by day 7 they should start to flake a bit. DO NOT pick the scabs; this will pull the pigment off the area. Some people report no flaking; it just depends on the person. If the tattoo is tight and itchy, apply a small amount of light moisturizer.

★ Around day 10-14 you will think your tattoo fell out and did not work. This is not true, you just have to be patient, and see that by 4 weeks, when the skin regenerates, the colour will come back. If there are any spots that are too light or maybe did not hold from oily skin, health conditions, or not following the aftercare directions, the second touch up is when we fill in the gaps and perfect.

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Your tattoo has healed! Keep being awesome


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