How to Take Care of Your Cosmetic Tattoo

It is very important to take care of your new cosmetic tattoo. By following the steps below, you will keep you tattoos looking awesome…


★Give it a warm wash (just water, or Dr.Bronner’s soap with no scent) twice a day and dab with a clean paper towel to dry

★ No makeup on the tattoo for at least 10-14 days

★Apply a clean natural moisturizer sparingly only if they get very tight and dry

★If you use a special face wash, don’t get it on the tattoo

★Always apply sunscreen

★Avoid the sun while they are healing

★No exercise the day of

Photo by Logan Ripley on Unsplash

★No pools or saunas for 2 weeks

★Do not pick at the scabs, this will pull the pigment from the skin

★Do not thread or wax while the tattoo is healing

★Try to keep them dry while showering

★No acne or aging products while healing

★Do not tint the area for 4 weeks

You did it! And you look great



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