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Sarah is currently working out of The FALL Tattooing in downtown Vancouver, BC.
You can also find her bio and details on their website. >>>> Click Here <<<<

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I have had such a positive experience with Sarah. I get excited when I look at my eyebrows now, rather than how I’ve felt for years which is frustrated. I had very little hair left after overplucking for years, and now my brows look full, natural, and don’t need any makeup. I had no idea this was possible. Yay!

~November 2016 via Facebook

Anna Lee

I saw Sarah a month ago, and so far i am super happy with the work she did! it was my 3rd experience getting my brows done, and by far the best. She is skilled, and passionate about her work, which would be enough for me, but she is also delightful company! i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anybody thinking about trying out cosmetic tattooing.

~ February 2017 via Google

Tammy Hallett